Frequent Questions and Answers

Q: Do you do local pick up?

A: Yes! You can save on shipping by picking up locally! I have been meeting in Mt. Vernon, KY and in Berea, KY. You must meet at your scheduled time or your order will be canceled and bows restocked.


Q: What is a bow drop? 

A: A bow drop is a scheduled sale of bows. I will have a bow drop once or twice a month. Some colors/prints are not available to claim until the bow drop. These bows will be released for sale only on the bow drop day, you may still see pictures of bows before the drop. I’ll always comment in our Facebook Group when the print or color is released.


Q: Can you make custom bows?

A: Well, I will definitely attempt! Ha! I do take color requests for the fabric hand tied bows. I’ve also made bands on head wraps smaller, smaller bows, etc. I’m open to try new styles! Send me a message/pic and see!


Q: My bow came untied HELP!!

A: Please, contact me if yours come untied, I will either meet you if you're local to re tie for you, or I may send a how to video.